Start saving your plastic lids and bottle caps for a recycling program where the plastic will be reused to make park benches. Please check the insert in the 11/12 bulletin for details. Collection begins in January. This program is being sponsored by the Care of Creation,  Religious Education, and Youth Ministries.

Click below for a list of acceptable caps and lids.

“Tops” for Bottoms

Greetings from your Eco-Angel

In just a few weeks, spring will officially be here. Nature’s beauty and wonder will manifest
once again. Staying informed about our earth and the environment is one way to honor Creation.

WHY: “Ecological education can take place in a variety of settings: at school, in families, in media, in catechesis and elsewhere. Various other social groups are also entrusted with helping to raise people’s awareness. So too is the church.

“All Christian communities have an important role to play in ecological education.” Laudato Si 213, 214

HOW: Suggested resources: “Climate of Hope” by Bloomberg and Pope (2017) This book
discusses how cities, businesses and citizens can save the planet. An inspiring must-read.
“Healing Earth,” a free, downloadable e-textbook aimed at heightening awareness of our planet’s environmental issues through the added perspectives of ethics, spirituality and
action. Dr. Michael Schuck and Dr. Nancy Tuchman (Loyola University, Chicago) recently received an award from Pope Francis for this work.

Webinar presented by Catholic Climate Covenant on communicating climate change to people of faith. Can be viewed anytime at

WHAT: Resurrection’s Care of Creation Team is preparing the 3rd annual Earth Day Celebration. This year’s themes will include Pollinators in Peril and Plastic. More details to come.