On Monday, May 6th, the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) met to review the results of the survey sponsored by the Liturgy Committee.  Given the overwhelming response in favor of a change in the Mass schedule during the summer, the PPC has endorsed the following change:


June 15 through September 8–Weekend Masses:

Saturday         5:00 p.m.

Sunday           9:15 a.m.


This schedule will be in effect from June 15-16 (Fathers’ Day weekend) through September 7-8 (Parish Picnic weekend).  The time for Sunday morning Mass was selected on the basis of an even split in the preference for 9:00/9:30 a.m.  The summer Mass schedule extends into September in order to prevent changing Sundays from one Mass to two Masses, then back to one Mass, then back to two Masses yet again.  Also, our Religious Education program will not experience any conflict with this extension.


The PPC also recognized this time as an opportunity to

  • Reconsider the need for a Nursery/Child Care
  • Restore the serving of coffee/pastries after Sunday Mass
  • Introduce a special Parish Fellowship Breakfast on Sundays June 23rd and July 21st. (These dates were selected to avoid conflict with Fathers’ Day and the week of 4th of July celebrations.)

These initiatives will be realized if there are enough members of our parish willing to make them happen.  Sign-ups in the narthex will be arranged in the near future.


This notification, as well as the results of the Liturgy Committee’s Survey, is expected to be disseminated through our regular email blasts.  Thank you to all who provided valuable input in the decision-making process.