Ministry Contacts

Ministry Contacts

Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers TBD
Art & Environment Claire Pintacura
Eucharistic Ministers Jillian Chase
Greeters Jillian Chase/Gayle Haefele
Lectors Jillian Chase
Directory of Music Ministry Jillian Chase
Linen Tenders Claire Pintacura

Ministries to Our Families

Come to Me Children’s Ministry Michelle Blackney
Eucharistic Ministry to the sick TBD
Friends of the Congregation of the Resurrection Sara Cook
Fundraising Dinner TBD
Intercessory Prayer Linda Hardeland
Library Heather Lynch
Garden Ministry Claire Pintacura
Theology on Tap Ryan Blackney
Seniors Monica Szalaj

Serving the Community

Care of Creation Team Larry Fischer
Celebrate & Respect Life Jim Moyta
Food Pantry Marguerite Grealish
Outreach to the Needy Rick Rill
Peace & Justice Dan Driscoll-Shaw