Stewardship Council


The Stewardship Council is responsible for embracing and carrying forward the three legs of stewardship in our parish: Time, Talent, and Treasure. Just as a three-legged stool cannot stand without all three legs working together, so our parish cannot function unless Time, Talent, and Treasure are all at work supporting our efforts.

  • Treasure is the most obvious leg. Just as your family has a budget and needs to meet specific financial obligations, so does our parish. Basic needs, such as electricity, water, the maintenance of the facility, salaries, etc., must be addressed, as well as various ministries that need to be supported. As a parish, we also have an obligation to support the Rockford Diocese through our Diocesan Stewardship (DSA) assessment.
  • Talent is not often thought of as a vital piece in the life of a parish. Talent goes beyond the obvious, such as those who lend their voices and instruments to our music ministry. Each of us possesses talents that can be applied for the good of our church:
    — through creative decoration of our worship space;
    — by applying accounting and business skills to help with budgeting and financial management,
    — by the use of teaching skills in religious education;
    — through the use of communication skills in serving as Outreach ministers; and many more.
  • Time is the third leg that is often overlooked. There are many opportunities that arise throughout the year that do not require a long-term commitment. Perhaps it is as simple as helping to set up for a pot-luck dinner, volunteering to assist in the changeover of the Worship Space for liturgical seasons, working at the Blood Drive, or offering your special side dish for a parish picnic. Whatever time you have to offer, great or small, can become an offering of service to our parish and the wider community.

The Stewardship Council seeks to address the issue of stewardship with these three legs in mind. We have done this through

  • Parish surveys
  • Ministry recruitment
  • The Diocesan Stewardship Appeal

If you would like to help promote our faith community’s exercise of stewardship (treasure, talent, & time), please consider contacting the chairperson of our Stewardship Council, Brian Moxley – or the pastor, Fr. Steve Glab, C.R. –

Stewardship Council

Brian Moxley Chairman
Chris Bednarek
Linda Hardeland
Tom McAndrews
Chris Hadfield

Our Stewardship Council meets on the third Monday of select months. Consult this page, the calendar page or the bulletin for scheduled meetings.