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He is Risen!
Happy Easter 2020
Keep Scrolling for videos and resources for faith formation while in quarantine. 
Holy Week Reflections-Good Friday:


Holy Week Reflections-Holy Thursday:


COVID-19 situation

 Links to content & resources for teens to grow in faith in quarantine: 
Active Faith for Confirmed Teens

Welcome! This year our activities and reflections will focus on living our faith. We will take action to bring the love and compassion of Christ to our world. We are opening the doors of the church and following Jesus’ footsteps out to meet the world where it is, as it is. On First Sundays of the month, Confirmed teens can serve as peer leaders or attend the adult session. 

Service Opportunities for High School & Junior High 

Each month, junior high and high school teens have an opportunity to serve in the local community. See our calendar for upcoming opportunities!

Retreats & Youth Conferences 

Nothing is quite so energizing as bringing youth from all over together to worship, pray, and share. Youth Conferences and retreats are terrific opportunities to re-energize our youth and keep them engaged in their faith lives. We will be offering a retreat and youth conference to rekindle the flame of the Spirit in the hearts of our Confirmed teens.